2015 Reports

Wendy Matus, President

Once again we can look back at the events of the past year & reflect on all the positive things that have happened in our auxiliary. We have provided funds for the residents in TRIM for bus outings as well as giving them funds to help with comfort items.

Just recently we have been given the go ahead to purchase a 2nd ultra sound for Mission Memorial Hospital. I am sure it will be a great asset to this community & you can be proud of the contributions that your efforts have achieved.

We are also buying several new TV’s as the older ones are wearing out. This should ensure that the reception will be clearer for the patients. Sure we make a few dollars renting the TV’s but we are still one of the cheapest rentals around. Don’t forget we are also paying for the cable for the 2nd floor which is a big chunk of change. We would not be able to do this without your help.

We now have an ATM at the front entrance which I hope will be used enough so that it can remain. I was very pleased at the speed with which my request for this was done. It was less than 10 days from the time I suggested this until it was a done deal. I must say this was entirely unusual but appreciated.

Many changes are taking place as I write this report. The number of beds now in this facility has jumped to 52. This is almost back to where we started which is wonderful to see. For those of you on email, you will know about the PATH wing that is going to be here in Mission. This is an area set aside for patients who are getting ready to go home or into residential care but need to have services in place at home before they can be discharged. Home support etc. I’m sure that we will encounter a few glitches with this expansion as this is to be expected. The ADC waiting area is still in the hall but we are assured that this is only temporary.

The cottage continues to be one of our main financial contributor’s & I am happy to see that they are forging ahead in spite of the vacancies downtown and the extra competition they face. This success is the direct result of forward thinking by your convenor’s who have done a good job of improving the visibility of the store by putting the sign out & also balloons or flags on the sandwich board to attract attention. Also the timely “Sale Events” have been a good incentive for customers.

Some other services/departments are facing challenges as well. Volunteers are still needed, especially in the gift shop & reception. ADC has answered the call to provide additional days of service. They are now doing 5 days per week. Well done & thank you to Fiona Galway Amber Harcus & Gary Adams for stepping up.

The loan cupboard seems to be running quite smoothly with no difficulties so far. Well done & Thanks.

We can’t forget the many volunteers who work in TRIM, special thanks to the bus volunteers, the shoppers & the ones who just stop to visit the residence. Your efforts are much appreciated

Reception has a good group as well. I notice that the volunteers at reception are very helpful & greet the people coming; I always say that this is a very good way to make a GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION. After all, you are first ones that the patients see as they enter so this is very important.

Some members are working behind the scenes. We have Jean who has been responsible for our Auxtales. Also Marlene Brown who has her phoning committee. Thanks to all you volunteers who phone every month. Can’t forget the volunteers who put together the tray favors. Those are something the residents look forward to. Great job Ladies.

I am looking forward to joining the Christmas Lunches this year with the Cottage Team on Dec 1st & the TV, Reception , Gift Shop, ADC & the Loan Cupboard teams on Nov. 25th. At least I am guaranteed 2 good meals that week.

Thank you to everybody. Your support has been a wonderful thing to experience.

Wendy Matus
President, Mission Health Care Auxiliary

ADC – Ghyslaine Palmer

I am very pleased to welcome the addition of Amber Harcus and Gary Adams, who have joined ADC helping out with the IV dept. Elaine, the IV head nurse, is thrilled to have help. She now has volunteers on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to assist her with admitting patients.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who works at ADC. You are all very appreciated by the staff and Doctors. Thank you! You are a great team!!!

Senior Counselling Assistance & Empowerment – Linda Dennis

Presented by Rachel Doucette

The mandate of this group is not to do things for seniors but to empower them. They want seniors to make decisions for themselves so they can enjoy independent living. They are there to listen, help & discuss.

People are referred by mental health, church groups, senior organizations etc. This is for people that have had a change in their lives, whether it be grieving, loss, lonely, depression, overwhelmed, support for caregiving spouses too.

These dedicated volunteers provide friendship, life experience & information.

Thank you for the opportunity to improve our knowledge & thanks Alyce for driving!

Report from the Area Conference at Hope BC on October 6th 2015 – Denise Salapa

Registration started at 8:45 & members were offered coffee & muffins to start the day.

Conference opened at 9:30 when Karen Houlden, area rep for the Fraser Valley, introduced the head table.

Attending was the mayor from Hope, Mayor Wilfried Vicktor, who spoke of things happening in the Hope Community, Sylte Hellner manager of the Hope Lodge, Katharine Wiebe site director, Christine O’Sullivan, director of marketing & communications for BCAHA & Anne Marie Behrens who spoke about the theme of this years conference, “Together Towards Tomorrow. & also about shared education & networking.Anne Marie Behrens from the host auxiliary of Hope, welcomed the delegates.Karen thanked Pat Parent for her financial report & she also acknowledged the generous contribution by Marie Waters for her many years of putting together the Area Conference booklet & reports from all the member auxiliaries.

Members then stood for the Auxiliary Prayer.

Joanne Bydal AGM Report:

The Annual General Meeting portion of the conference, was chaired by Karen Houlden outgoing Area Rep. The Financial Statement, Budget, the Auxiliary Reports, were adopted by the membership as printed. Business arising from the Presidents meeting dealt with the upcoming changes to the Constitution and Bylaws, All Auxiliaries asked to have workshops offered so that they can deal with this issue effectively.

The next order of business was to nominate and elect a new Area Rep. Arline Allison was nominated and did accept even though she was not in attendance. As she was the only nominee Arline Allison was voted in as the new Area Rep. Her official swearing in will be done once she returns from her holiday. Karen also talked about the “Above and Beyond Award”, who is eligible, and who can nominate them. She also talked about the Privacy and Confidentiality issues surrounding things we do and say. It was announced that Zeb Hanzel would become the BCAHA Youth Volunteer.

The next Fraser Valley Area Conference will be held October 4, 2016 at Newlands Golf Club in Langley.

The meeting was adjourned @ 10:20am.

Cynthia Butcher – Youth Substance Abuse

The first presentation of the area conference was given by LIANNE RADMORE, daughter of a Hope Auxiliary member who has had 25 years experience of working with youth and 12 years of working with youth who struggle with problematic substance abuse. She has been working for Fraser Health for 8 years as a Youth Substance Use Services Case Manager and has worked with over 200 youth across the Fraser Health region helping to create much needed connections and support for this most vulnerable population.

The youth population, 12 years to 24 years old, of the Fraser Health region is almost half a million. Of the 500,000 about 2500 youth at any one time are accessing the services, which is about .5% of the youth population.

72% of the youth helped by the service use alcohol and it is the number 1 contributor to substance related deaths and is the most serious and dangerous. 32% use marijuana, 4% ecstasy and 3% cocaine. 57% are poly-drug users, 60-70% has additional mental health concerns and 25% are under the age of 15. 6% of the 2500, which is 150 youth between the ages of 13 and 24, are injection drug users. Only a very small number use crystal meth.

Problematic substance abuse tends to mask an underlying problem. Youth turn to substances to help them feel better, do better, because they are curious or because of social interaction. The younger they are when they start experimenting the more at risk they are of developing future substance abuse problems Fewer than I in 5 high school students have ever tried any illegal drugs beside alcohol and marijuana and most youth experimenting with these substances do not go on to rely on them in adulthood.

Lianne said that there is no typical profile but that 82% of the youth that she sees have been exposed to some form of trauma in their formative years. This could have been child abuse, neglect, violence, an accident, a natural disaster, a sudden loss, in fact any overwhelming experience. Any young person with an adverse childhood experience is more at risk and if there have been four or more risk factors then they are ten times more likely to use substances to the point that there are negative health consequences for the person.

Fraser Health provides a range of services from detox services, outpatient and outreach services, an intensive dry treatment programme, resident support and services and a 30 day stabilization programme. Lianne said that services are available but they are never enough.

I googled the programmes available through Fraser Health and there are none mentioned as being available in Mission. One wonders how many more young people are out there over and above the 2500 being helped at any one time that are in a position that they need help. It was an interesting, informative and well presented talk, the start of an interesting conference.

Elaine Vanderspek – Closing remarks

Karen Houlden ended her term as Area Rep and was presented with flowers for a job well done. Our goody bags were from the local Buy Low store, pens from Remax and our note pads were compliments of Erica Press. We hope everyone left the conference with a sense of well being. Thank you everyone for coming. I appreciated the opportunity to attend.
Pictures submitted from Alyce Campbell – Hope Conference, Thanksgiving and Tray Favors

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