Emergency Clothing Cupboard

Mission Memorial Hospital Emergency Clothing Cupboard

Warm hats, socks, gloves and scarves are supplied to the Emergency Department at the hospital to be given, free of charge, to any patient who is in need of them.

This service started in 2007 after a nurse from Emergency mentioned to a reception volunteer how many emergency patients and homeless people end up in Emergency in need of dry clothing, and so the Emergency Kits came into existence.

The first kits had a warm toque, gloves, scarf and socks. Since then suitable Thrift Shop items or reasonably priced items have been added, such as sweaters and stretch lounge pants. Even the nurses have added warm jackets. A cupboard has been purchased to house the clothing and to make it easier for the staff to access and keep tidy.

A small supply of popsicles are kept in the nurses’ fridge for the small patients who come in dehydrated in the summer. Two volunteers share the responsibility of keeping the cupboard stocked with clothing items appropriate to the season.